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Mushish Zoku Sho 02.06.2016

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Mushish Zoku Sho >

Mushish Zoku Sho

^ "Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 1521". Mushishi was chosen as the best manga of 2007 by Deb Aoki of,[96] while it was elected the best anime series of 2007 by Anime News Network's Carl Kimlinger,[97] and was ranked seventh on IGN's Ramsey Isler top anime of 2007.[98] Aoki called it "a rare breed of manga: a smartly-written, original story that's told with simple yet mesmerizing imagery."[96] Similarly, Kimlinger declared that "Its hypnotic rhythm, humanism, and naturalist's eye for beauty give it a charm that far outstrips mere entertainment value."[97] Jason Thompson's said it may be "too mellow" for some readers, although he praised it for having a "very original vision, with a sort of 'flowing life' of its own, a biologist's precision mixed with creepy fairytales and a surreal, dreamy feel."[99] Its storytelling was highly praised; Isler deemed it as "near flawless",[98] while Pop Culture Shock's Ken Haley labeled it "an enjoyable and intriguing read",[100] and it was praised for its "short, spooky and breathtaking stories" by Shirl Sazynski of Sequential Tart.[101] Writing for Manga Life, Joy Kim stated that despite not having a central story, which allows to start reading Mushishi at any volume, "the quality of the storytelling" will make fans want to read it completely.[102] The "quiet and subtle stories that evoke strong emotions with great story crafting and a fine tune to the essence of what moves people" is the main appeal of the series, according to Holly Ellingwood of Active Anime.[103] Both Ed Sizemore and Avi Weinryb, writing for Comics Worth Reading and Comic Book Bin respectively, said Mushishi has something to tell to readers, with the former commenting "If you want a manga to make you stop and think, this is the manga for you."[104][105]. Everything and its mother is based on manga. Adds Mushishi: The Next Chapter on DVD (Nov 11, 2014) Crunchyroll Adds Live-Action Nobunaga Concerto TV Series (Oct 18, 2014) Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 22-28 (Sep 30, 2014) Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, September 22-28 (Sep 30, 2014) Mushishi: The Next Chapter Anime's 2nd Half Previewed in TV Spot (Sep 25, 2014) Mushishi: The Next Chapter Special's Ad Streamed (Aug 14, 2014) Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, July 20-27 (Jul 29, 2014) Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 20-27 (Jul 29, 2014) Mushishi: The Next Chapter Slated for Fall After Special Airs in August (Jun 28, 2014) Last Episode of Mushishi: The Next Chapter's 1st Half Airs on June 20 (Jun 14, 2014) Daisuki to Stream Mushi-shi Sequel & Nanana's Buried Treasure (Apr 8, 2014) Crunchyroll to Stream Selector Infected Wixoss, Mushishi: The Next Chapter Anime (Apr 2, 2014) Kodansha USA Announces The Heroic Legend of Arslan Manga Release (Mar 22, 2014) Aniplex USA to Stream The irregular at magic high school, Mushishi: The Next Chapter (Mar 22, 2014) Mushishi: Zoku-Sh 15-Second Commercial Reveals Premiere Date (Mar 14, 2014) Mushishi Anime Gets 2nd Season in April (Jan 4, 2014) Other article: Anime Spotlight Spring 2014 (Mar 23, 2014) You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Hiroshi Nagahama Storyboard:Hiroshi Nagahama (eps 1, 3-10)Koichiro Sohtome (ep 2) Episode Director:Hiroshi Nagahama (ep 1)Koichiro Sohtome (eps 1-2, 8, 10)Nobukage Kimura (ep 4)Ryo Miyata (eps 6, 8)Yasuhiro Geshi (eps 3-9 odd) Music: Toshio Masuda Original creator: Yuki Urushibara Character Design: Yoshihiko Umakoshi Art Director: Takeshi Waki Chief Animation Director: Yoshihiko Umakoshi Animation Director:Eiji Abiko (eps 2, 7-10)Kouichi Satou (ep 6)Mitsuko Baba (eps 3, 5, 8, 10)Noboru Sugimitsu (eps 1, 6, 8, 10)Takahiro Kagami (eps 3, 8)Terumi Nishii (eps 4-5, 7-10)Yoshihiko Umakoshi (eps 1-3, 5-10) Sound Director: Kazuya Tanaka Director of Photography: Yuuta Nakamura 2nd Key Animation:Aiko Sonobe (eps 1-3)Aimi Sakai (ep 8)Akihiro Gotou (eps 2-3, 5)Chinami Kudou (eps 5, 8)Eiji Abiko (eps 3, 10)Eik Aoyagi (ep 3)Hironobu Dan'ura (eps 2, 5-6, 10)Hironobu Dannoura (ep 8)Hiroyuki Yamada (eps 8, 10)Ikue Yoshima (7 episodeseps 1-3, 6-8, 10)Izumi Yamanaka (ep 2)Jmonji (ep 8)Kiyomi Yamashita (ep 2)Manabu Nii (eps 2, 5-6)Marie Ino (eps 1, 3)Miho Kato (eps 1-2)Mina Tanaka (7 episodeseps 1-3, 5-6, 8, 10)Misaki Suzuki (ep 8)Mitsuko Baba (eps 4, 10)Noboru Sugimitsu (ep 3)Nobuaki Shirai (eps 2, 9)Risa Miyatani (ep 1)Ritsuko Tanaka (ep 5)Saori Nakashiki (6 episodeseps 3-4, 6-8, 10)Sayuri Tanaka (ep 4)Shko Yasuda (ep 2)Takahiro Kagami (ep 3)Terumi Nishii (eps 8, 10)Wataru Satou (eps 1, 5)Yuko Sato (ep 2)Yko Tani (eps 2-4, 8, 10)Yumi Kobayashi (eps 2-3) Assistant Animation Director:Akira Takeuchi (ep 5)Eiji Abiko (ep 3)Mitsuko Baba (ep 6)Noboru Sugimitsu (ep 2)Terumi Nishii (ep 6)Yko Tani (eps 7-Cool Assistant Color Check:Asami Saitou (eps 3-4)Yoriko Matsumori (ep 4) Assistant Director: Ryo Miyata Color Check:Asami Saitou (eps 2, 5-6, 9)Tomoko Yamazaki (eps 1, 4, 8)Yoriko Matsumori (eps 3, 7, 10) Color Coordination:Asami Saitou (eps 2, 5-6, 9)Tomoko Yamazaki (eps 1, 4, 8)Yoriko Matsumori (eps 3, 7, 10) Color design:Asami Saitou (eps 2, 5-6, 9)Tomoko Yamazaki (eps 1, 4, 8)Yoriko Matsumori (eps 3, 7, 10) Editing: Masahiro Matsumura In-Between Animation:Hiroko Takahashi (ep 6)Hiroshi Watanabe (ep 4)Hisashi Isogawa (eps 1, 8-10)Izumi Kodama (7 episodeseps 2-4, 6-7, 9-10)Jun'ichi Sait (eps 1, 5, 8-10)Junichi Saito (ep 6)Kanako Sat (eps 1-2, 5-10)Kyoko Kawada (6 episodeseps 1, 5-6, 8-10)Masako Terada (ep 9)Wataru Satou (8 episodeseps 1-2, 4, 6-10)Yoko Uchida (eps 1, 5-10)Yu Matsuo (eps 1, 3-10)Yji Shimizu (ep 1)Yukiko Okada (ep 7)Yuko Sato (eps 9-10)Yutaro Takebashi (eps 1-2, 4-10)Yuuko Takahashi (eps 2-4, 7-Cool Key Animation:Aiko Sonobe (6 episodeseps 2, 4-6, 8, 10)Akihiro Gotou (eps 1-2, 8-10)Akira Takeuchi (ep 5)Chikai Okado (eps 6, 8)Chinami Kudou (ep 3)Eiji Abiko (eps 2, 5-7, 9)Eik Aoyagi (ep 6)Eriko Kubokawa (ep 2)Fujiko Aoyagi (eps 3, 6)Fuminori Tsukida (ep 3)Fumiyo Kimura (ep 1)Hideyuki Arao (ep 2)Hiroya Kamakura (ep 7)Izumi Yamanaka (eps 6-7)Jun Yamazaki (ep 9)Kanako Inoue (ep 3)Kaori Yamada (ep 2)Kayoko Kuno (ep 2)Kazuyuki Igai (ep 5)Kouhei Yamazaki (eps 3, 6, 8, 10)Kouichi Satou (8 episodeseps 1-4, 6, 8-10)Kyoko Sugimiya (ep 3)Kyoko Sugiyama (ep 8)Maki Fujita (ep 6)Maki Sawai (eps 3, 8, 10)Manabu Nii (ep 3)Marie Ino (eps 2-10 even)Matsutani Manabu (eps 1, 6)Mayumi Fukushi (ep 5)Mieko Ogata (ep 1)Mika Hironaka (eps 6, 10)Miki Komuro (eps 3, 8)Misaki Ryoko (ep 2)Mitsuhiro Okumura (eps 3, 6, 10)Mitsuko Baba (eps 3, 5-7, 9)Miyako Kamiya (ep 2)Naoko Ozawa (ep 2)Natsuko Suzuki (ep 8)Noboru Sugimitsu (eps 2, 4-10)Nobuaki Shirai (eps 1, 3-8, 10)Rina Sugimoto (ep 1)Saori Nakashiki (eps 1-2, 4-5, 9)Satoyuki Hashimoto (ep 5)Sayuri Tanaka (ep 9)Shiori Kobayashi (ep 2)Shko Yasuda (eps 2, 7)Taeko Oda (ep 5)Takahiro Kagami (ep 8)Takeshi Osame (ep 3)Terumi Nishii (eps 4-7, 9)Tomotsugu Sakakibara (ep 3)Toshimi Miyazaki (ep 3)Tsutomu Yabuki (ep 1)Tsuyoshi Honda (eps 1-2)Yoshihiko Umakoshi (eps 2-9)Yoshimi Iwata (ep 2)Yukari Kizaki (ep 2)Yuko Sato (ep 2)Yko Tani (eps 1-2, 6-7, 9)Yumi Kobayashi (6 episodeseps 1-2, 4-10 even)Yta Masaki (eps 6-7) Opening Animation: Ichigo Sugawara Planning:Atsuhiro IwakamiTakuya Matsushita Production:Atsushi Suzuki (Avex)Haruki Nakayama (Marvelous AQL)Kenji Shimizu (Fuji TV) Production producer: Hidenobu Watanabe Recording Adjustment: Yasushi Nagura Recording Assistant:Mika KamemotoNozomi Mashita Series Script Supervisor: Hiroshi Nagahama Sound Effects: Kiyotaka Kawada Supervision: Noboru Ishiguro Technical Adviser: Yoshihisa Oyama Yuto Nakano as Ginko Ai Kobayashi as Tanyuu (eps 11-12) Akemi Sakurai as Ibuki's stepmother (ep Cool Akira Matsushita as Houichi (ep 9) Ayaka Tsuda as Mina (ep 2) Ayu Matsuura as Izumi (ep 1Cool Daisuke Kishio as Isaza (ep 1) Eru Yamada as Reki (ep 20) Fumiko Orikasa as Taki (ep 19) Haruka Shiraishi as Masumi (ep 5) Hiroshi Naka as Sakichi (ep 2) Hiroshi Takahashi as Ibuki's father (ep Cool Hisako Kyouda as Tama (eps 11-12) Junya Tsukamoto as Shinobu (ep 21) Kaori Fukumori as Masumi's mother (ep 5) Katsumi Seino as Kanta's mother (ep 22) Kayo Kikkawa as Houichi's wife (ep 9) Kazumasa Takemoto as Houichi's father (ep 9) Kouji Tsujimoto as Kanta (ep 22) Kouki Uchiyama as Tatsu (ep 4) Kousei Kijima as Usuke (ep 4) Koushi Tsujimoto as Kanta (ep 22) Kousuke Kijima as Usuke (ep 4) Masahito Yabe as Shigeru (ep 21) Mayu Iino as Mizuho (ep 1Cool Megumi Han as Yuuta (ep 19) Megumi Kobashi as Shino (ep 20) Mika Doi as Narrator Minami Fujimoto as Shima (ep 2) Misaki Yatabe as Tae (ep 3) Mitsuru Miyamoto as Masaki (ep 6) Miyuki Sawashiro as Yoki (eps 11-12) Natsuho Miyazako as Masumi's father (ep 5) Reiko Suzuki as Mikage (ep 15) Rin Kanazawa as Gen (ep 17) Rinna Ishikawa as Akane (ep 15) Ruito Koga as Sousuke (ep 21) Rumina Komagata as Sachi (ep 3) Ryou Ishikawa as Ryou (ep 7) Satoshi Mikami as Kumado (eps 11-12) Sayaka Yukino as Kanta's wife (ep 22) Shinichiroh Ueda as Toki (ep 3) Shino Kakinuma as Iku (ep 14) Shinya Hamazoe as Gen's father (ep 17) Shiori Koshikawa as Yura (ep 16) Subaru Tg as Yui (ep 17) Sumi Mutoh as Saho (ep 6) Sumi Shimamoto as Sumi (ep 16) Tomomichi Nishimura as Youkichi (ep 15) Toshikazu Ozeki as Yasu (ep 7) Toshio Furukawa as Kaoru (ep 14) Tsukika Akiba as Futaba (ep 22) Yko Hikasa as Teru (ep 7) Yoshie Tsuji as Chiyo (Houichi's mother; ep 9) Yosuke Saitou as Ibuki (ep Cool Yuji Ueda as Adashino-sensei Yusaku Yara as head fisherman (ep 2) Yuuto Uemura as Rokusuke (ep 1) Aimi Hanawa as girl (ep 2) Akiko Muta as Toki's mother (ep 3) Ami Koshimizu as Isaza (young; ep 22) Asami Enmei as Mikage (young; ep 15) Atsushi Sekiguchi as old man (ep 21) Ayaka Gamou as Tanyuu (young; eps 11-12) Chikahiro Kobayashi as Kaoru's father (ep 14) Cho as Apothecary (SP) Daiki Hamano as lover (ep 5) Daisuke Tyama as villager (ep 7) Fumika Tanaka as villager (ep 4) Gen Ueda as Houichi's oldest son (ep 9) Haruka Yokoyama as Miyo (ep 15) Haruna Miyazawa as Kaoru's mother (ep 14)villager (ep 4) Hikaru Ishii as Child (ep 7) Hiromi Konno as midwife (ep 19) Hiromi Noda as young Rokusuke (ep 1) Hiroshi Iwasaki as captain (ep Cool Hiroshi Shimozaki as farmer (ep 20)hunter (ep 13)man (ep 21)man at port (ep 8)traveller (ep 6)villager (4 episodeseps 3, 15, 17, 22) Hiroshi Sumino as man at port (ep Cool Iku Minase as Village girl (ep 16) Kai Yamamoto as Houichi (infant; ep 9) Kanehira Yamamoto as man (ep 21)Masaki's father (ep 6)villager (eps 7, 22) Karina Akaru as Houichi's oldest daughter (ep 9) Karina You as Houichi's oldest daughter (ep 9) Kazuya Hasegawa as villager (ep 22) Ken Iwainofu as father (ep 1Cool Kokoro Kikuchi as child (ep 19) Kouji Ochiai as mushishi (ep 1) Kouki Saga as Houichi's father (age 25; ep 9) Koumi Furuya as villager (ep 4) Koyuki Ikeda as Teru (young; ep 7)Yasu (young; ep 7) Kyouko Chikiri as Yasu's mother (ep 7) Mariko Shimura as villager (ep 15) Masaaki Kouno as brewmaster (ep 1) Masahito Yabe as farmer (ep 20)hunter (ep 13)mushishi (ep 1)peddler (ep 4)village head (ep 15)villager (eps 2, 16, 22)Yasu's father (ep 7) Masumi Taira as voice of Saho (ep 6) Mayumi Tsuchiya as woman at port (ep Cool Michiko Tomura as Saki (old; ep 15) Michio Hazama as Watari elder (ep 22) Miharu Chiba as Teru's mother (ep 7) Miho Kunori as Yui's mother (ep 17) Mikiru Oota as Iku (young; ep 14) Mikuru ta as Iku (young; ep 14) Mitsuki Nishida as Kumado (young; eps 11-12) Mitsutaka Nishida as Kumado (young; eps 11-12) Naoko Shirakami as Tae's mother (ep 3)villager (ep 15) Naomi Maruyama as child (ep 19) Natsuki Yoshihata as Saho (infant; ep 6) Natsumi Hatayama as Ryou's mother (ep 7) Noriko Shibasaki as girl (ep 2) Otoya Kawano as Tatsu's father (ep 4) Rikako Oota as Houichi's second daughter (ep 9) Rina End as Girl (ep 16) Ryouta Akazawa as man (ep 21)mushishi (ep 1)Teru's uncle (ep 7)villager (eps 2-3, 17, 22) Ryusei Nakao as Suguro (ep 11) Sayaka Kobayashi as mother (ep 1Cool Seiha Takizawa as Kaoru (young; ep 14) Shinya Hamazoe as Akane's father (ep 15)brewer (ep 14)farmer (eps 11-12)man (ep 21)Mansaku's son (ep 6)mushishi (ep 1)sailor (ep 8)Taki's husband (ep 19)Toki's father (ep 3)villager (4 episodeseps 2, 7, 16, 22) Shou Aoki as child (ep 17) Shou Ueno as villager (ep 22) Shunki Kamamoto as Apprentice (ep 14) Shunsei Kamamoto as apprentice (ep 14) Shuuji Oonari as Reki's father (ep 20) Souki Satou as villager (ep 4) Taka Fujimori as child (ep 19) Taka Uenohira as Youkichi's mother (ep 15) Takumi Inui as Houichi's second son (ep 9) Tatsu Kaneko as village head (ep 7) Tatsuya Koiso as Mansaku (ep 6) Taya Fujimori as Child (ep 19) Tomisaburou Horikoshi as Rokusuke's father (ep 1) Umeji Sasaki as villager (ep 2) Wotoya Kawano as Tatsu's father (ep 4) Yasunari Hirose as child (ep 17) Yasutomo Yamaguchi as Youkichi (young; ep 15) Yoshiko Iseki as Teru's aunt (ep 7)woman (ep 21) Yoshimi Komiyama as villager (eps 4, 7) You Ishii as child (ep 7) Yui Ishikawa as daughter (ep 6) Yuki Kurimoto as Saho (child; ep 6) Yuki Ooizumi as Saki (ep 15) Yko Yoshihata as voice of Saho (ep 6) Yuuki Kanno as mushishi (ep 1)villager (eps 2, 7) Yuuna Matsuoka as child (ep 7) Japanese companies 2nd Key Animation:A-RealAnime Workshop BasaraBEEPBrain's BaseD-MotionG&G DirectionJumondoJmonjiKinema CitrusMouseNakamura ProductionPRAProduction ReedRising ForceSeigashaShinryStudio ElleTriple AUEC Animation Production: Artland Backgrounds:Feng AnimationGreenGREEN Chichiharu Broadcaster:Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (2014-04-10)Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation (2014-04-05)Gunma TV (2014-04-05)Tochigi TV (2014-04-05)Tokyo MX (2014-04-05) Finish Animation:BEEPCoreD-COLORSD-MotionStudio ElleTriple AUEC In-Between Animation:A-RealActasAnimation PlanetAnitus KbeBEEPBrain's BaseCoreD-MotionDuameEkura AnimalHusio StudioIngressaJumondoKinema CitrusPRAProduction ReedProject 4RebootSeven ArcsShinryStudio DEENStudio ElleStudio GashStudio GimletStudio LiveStudio MarkTatsunoko ProductionTriple AUECWaf AnimationXEBEC zwei Internet Streaming:Bandai Channel (2014-04-13)GyaO! (2014-04-13)J:COM (2014-04-11)Niconico (2014-04-05)Rakuten ShowTime (2014-04-15) Line Test:Asura FilmStudio Photography: Assez Finaud Fabric. However! There are exceptions where the manga was not the basis for the anime. Pop Culture Shock.

Mania Entertainment. 003 Beneath the SnowYuki no Shita () April 192014 With snow constantly falls around him and impervious to the freezing cold, a man is gripped by the searing memory of a winter he spent with his little sister. Retrieved July 23, 2014. must see by metalotaku on2014-06-26 16:33 Best show of the year so far. contained within a constant mystery of these creatures, mushi, some would think hallucinations. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Act 2 Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative Senran Kagura Mushishi -Next Passage- Komori-san Can't Decline . Funimation.

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